Finding cheap flights

Half a Shoestring uses Skyscanner and FlightChecker to find cheap flights.

Flexibility. One of the best things about the two sites we’ve mentioned above is that you can state that you’re willing to fly anywhere, anytime.

Fly to lesser-known places. Smaller cities are great for shorter breaks as you can fit everything in on a weekend. They also cost a lot less to get to!

Fly in the middle of the night. Sorry, but it’s the only way if you want a weekend getaway for (almost) nothing. Bonus is that you get to spend Saturday morning in a new city instead of in front of the telly, swamped in hangover debris, right?

move Fast! Cheap flights can go up in price steeply and suddenly, so when a destination appears and it’s on budget throw it into wikitravel and Google Images and if you like it, book it.

F5. Airlines use cookies to track the earlier fares and searches. Clear your cache and cookies by hitting ctrl + F5 or use an incognito window when searching for cheap airfares.

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