Airport transfers

So you’ve managed to blag a return flight for £14 then find that the cost of getting to the airport is more than twice that. Airport transfers can be expensive. Especially last minute. So our best advice is to BOOK EARLY. As soon as you book your flight. Or maybe even check before you book your flight if you are on a really tight budget.

Stansted: The majority of cheap flights with Ryanair depart from here. Easybus offers a 24 hour service from Victoria/Baker St/Old St from as little as £2 each way. Transfers from Old Street take approx 45 minutes, those from Victoria and Baker Street 90 and 60 minutes respectively.  Booking early with Stansted express and gets you reduced fares from £8/7 each way. This takes a mere 44minutes from Liverpool street, or 37 from Tottenham Hale.

Gatwick: Use the local trains rather than the extortionate Gatwick express. You can get from the airport to Kings Cross(45mins) or London Bridge/Victoria (30mins) from as little as £5 each way. Half a shoestring use trainline for checking fares. There is also an Easybus service from West Brompton, but unless you are based in South West London, this is not the easiest place to get to.

Heathrow: Take the tube– the Piccadilly line goes all the way to the terminal in 60 mins from central London. It is significantly cheaper than other options- but is not currently 24 hours. Single fare using oyster or your contactless debit/credit card from Zone 1 is £3.10 off peak.

Travelling from outside London

Getting to London could hijack some of your budget if you don’t hack it early. Have a look on Liftshare and see if you can share the journey with someone who is already driving to the airport – people charge as little as £3-£4

Megabus travels from all over the country to London for as little as £1 a single.


On the other side?

Transfers on the others side are always difficult and can easily blow your budget. Before you buy your flights, check that the airport isn’t in the middle of nowhere and +£50 for a transfer.

Low cost airlines are NOTORIOUS for flying you to airports that can be further than 100km from the advertised destination. London Southend Airport anyone?! Or Oslo Rygge?

It is always worth checking individual airport websites for advice and using local bus and train services can save a lot of money.

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