Cheap: Check out tripadvisor,, wikitravel and Lonely Planet for good hostel, hotel and homestay tips. These can vary in price and comfort; for example, Half a Shoestring stayed in a superb homestay in the Gili Islands near Lombok in Indonesia. For £4 per night we had a gigantic double room with a private bathroom, veranda and coffee and banana pancakes and fresh fruit served in the room every morning.

Airbnb is really useful and offers great value. It allows people to rent out their spare rooms or houses and is considerably cheaper than hotels. Keep an eye out for extra fees- sometimes there are costly extra guest supplements if you are travelling in a group.


Very cheap: If you’re happy to sleep in a room with a bunch of strangers and don’t mind snuggling up to your valuables, a dormitory bed in a budget hostel is probably your best bet. This can range from mega cheap – £2-3 a night in Asia, or less – to (for us) eyewateringly expensive (around £18 a night in Sweden).


Free: Build yourself a profile on or BeWelcome, get some housemates who like you to recommend you, and see if someone can put you up on their couch for free. We found this to be a truly wonderful way to see the world – find out more about our first CS experience in Gothenburg. Please be safe when staying with someone you don’t know and always let someone else know where you’re staying/who you’re staying with.


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